Still No Ferry Between Cartagena - Panama

The start of operations was announced for May 10 but the permits from the governments of Colombia and Panama are still lacking.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Some internet postings point to the possibility that regional airlines are lobbying to prevent the activity of Cartagena-Colombia Ferry, which would pose serious competition.

According to an article in "Nissos Rodos is the name of the ship that will link the port of Colon 2000 in the city of Colon on the Caribbean Sea in the Republic of Panama with the Colombian port city of Cartagena, with a journey taking just 12 hours and costing $99 per person. "

At the time of the announcement of the Ferry, Deputy General Manager of the Tourism Authority of Panama, Ernesto Orillac, said: "This new way of traveling, this maritime link is very important and will diversify our supply."

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Colon - Cartagena Ferry Stops Operating

December 2015

Despite the fact that it was announced in July that the business would be restructured to make it viable, the company which connects Cartagena port with Colon will not be providing the service in 2016.

In July 2015 representatives from the company Aventuras 2000 projected modifying the schema to make it profitable, but lack of adequate port infrastructure in Isla Colon, among other factors, has prevented the idea of ​​connecting two significant tourist cities from prospering.

Ferry Project from Panama to Colombia Revived

December 2012

Panamanian authorities have presented a project to a Spanish shipping company to establish a maritime connection between Colon and Cartagena.

The Tourism Authority of Panama has presented the project to the Spanish shipping company Acciona Trasmediterránea, who might be interested in operating the route.

Colombia – Panama Ferry Project Canceled "Sine Die"

October 2012

The company Panamerican Seaway announced at the beginning of the year that that the ferry would start functioning in May making its 12-hour journey which would link the port of Colon with the terminal of Cartagena.

The project aroused great expectations, but never materialized.

Ferry Connection Between Panama and Colombia

April 2012

A shipping vessel owned by Panamerican Seaways with capacity for 1,500 passengers and 500 cars, will begin travelling in May between Cartagena de Indias in Colombia and Colon in Panama.

Operators calculate that between 800 and 1,000 people will be carried on the "Nissos Rodos" ferry per trip, with rates starting from $99 and going up to $508.