Still No Decision on Charge for Scanners in Panama  

Nearly 3 months after the award for the installation and operation of scanners at ports and customs office the cost for the service is still not known.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In the original statement of the tender which was awarded to the consortium McMillan, Ebco and Nuctech for $16.9 million it was proposed there be a percentage charged ad valorem on the country's exports and imports. However, after protests from the business sector over the costs that this would generate on freight, it was changed to a fixed charge per container, but this was not established.

A couple of weeks ago entrepreneurs who form part of the Logistics Business Council (Coel) asked President Ricardo Martinelli for a meeting "to establish what the potential impact will be on logistics services in Panama when implementing a fee for this service," review article.

Little is known about the mechanism to be used, but it is rumored that the revision of containers will be random, but there will be a charge on all cargo moving within the country.

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Scanners Contract Awarded in Panama

October 2013

With a $16.9 million bid, the consortium McMillan, Ebco and Nuctech have been awarded the contract for the operation and maintenance of scanners in ports and customs offices.  

"... Consorcio Cotecna and SGS Panama Control Services, each filed complaints with the Public Procurement Directorate, but these were rejected", reported

Protests Over Panamanian Scanners Tender

September 2013

The tender for the operation and maintenance of scanners at the National Customs Authority has been interrupted by two companies complaining about the process. reports: "Consorcio Cotecna and Consorcio SGS Scanning Panamá opposed the decision of the evaluation committee which disqualifed them and declared the winner to be Consorcio Mc Millan, Ebco, Nuctech".

Three Companies After Panamanian Scanners Contract

August 2013

Bids submitted range from $7 million to $ 17 million to operate and maintain the container inspection system. reports: "Those involved are SGS Scanning Panama, Cotecna (both from Switzerland) and the consortium made up of the companies McMillan, Ebco, and Nuctech, from Guatemala, Brazil and China, respectively."

More Resistance to Tender for Customs Scanning Services

July 2013

The Logistics Business Council and its 16 associated companies are calling for dialogue in search of a solution which does not mean the establishment of a new tax.

"We are taking this to the highest authorities of the State, and stressing the urgency of suspending the hiring process in order to foster the necessary consultations with the participation of all of the sectors involved," said the Logistics Business Council (Coel by its initials in Spanish).