Statistics on the Plastic Industry in Costa Rica

Annual imports by the plastic industry in Costa Rica are worth around $242 million, of which almost 50% is imported by Durman Esquivel, Mexichem and Polymer.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

According to figures from the "Costa Rican Company Identifier" system, compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData, in 2015 companies dedicated to the manufacture of plastic products, Durman Esquivel, Mexichem and Polymer, together imported $111 million worth of plastics.

In terms of exports, Kelpac Medical, Durman Esquivel and Mexichem reported sales of $123 million abroad.

Origin and destination of foreign trade 
In 2016, 50% of the value imported by Costa Rica came from the US, 7% from China, 6% from Mexico, 4% from Guatemala, and 4% from Colombia.

In terms of sales abroad, 29% went to the US, 17% to Panama, 13% to Nicaragua, 9% to Guatemala, 7% to the Dominican Republic and 5% to Honduras.

CentralAmericaData provides detailed information on the manufacture, import and export of plastic and its manufactures, such as construction articles, silicones, phenolic and polyurethane resins, coatings, wastes, petroleum and other types of resins, and natural polymers, among others.

The information includes the size of the market, market participants according to the country of origin of the import, according to the type of product or input, price analysis per importer, product type or input, country of origin and other details.

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Plastic: What Companies Are Doing Business in Panama?

May 2019

It is estimated that Plásticos Generales S.A. and Durman Esquivel S.A. represent around 8% of the market share in the plastic import and manufacturing business.

Data from the platform "Company's Corporate System", complied by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData, provides details on company information based on sector, main activity, imports, exports, contracts granted by the government and other data.

Plastic in Central America: Purchases Up 6%

May 2018

Last year, the region bought $3.874 million worth of plastic and manufactured goods from abroad, 6% more than in 2016, and 35% of imports came from the United States.

Figures from the information system on the Market for Plastic and its Manufactures in Central America, compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData: [GRAFICA caption = "Click to interact with graph"]

Plastic in Central America: Growing Business

March 2018

In the first nine months of 2017, countries in the region imported $2.861 billion worth of plastics and its manufactures, 4% more than what was purchased in the same period in 2016.

Figures from the information system on the Central American Market for Plastics and its Manufactures, compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData: [GRAFICA caption = "Click to interact with graph"]

Plastics Industry Expands in Costa Rica

April 2012

In 2011, 300 companies sold products worth $314 million to 71 destinations, which is an increase of 57% compared to 2007.

The Costa Rican plastics manufacturing industry constitutes some 300 companies who traded more than 215 products abroad in 2011, whereas in 2007 there were only 248 companies selling around 212 products abroad.