Starbucks in Costa Rica

Next May the U.S. chain will open its first store in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The announcement was made via a press release from the Pan American Coffee Corporation, a company that promotes Salvadoran coffee shops across the Isthmus. reported quoted Manuela Velasquez, Starbucks marketing manager for Central America: "Our main goal is to bring the Starbucks experience to Costa Ricans. Spending a pleasant morning or afternoon, having a meeting for study or work around a delicious cup of coffee, tea and other products. "

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Fast-food Chains Propose New Investments

December 2018

In Costa Rica, fast food restaurant chains plan to open at least 14 new sales points in different areas of the country next year.

Some of the companies planning to expand their restaurant chain in 2019 include: Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Subway, KFC and QSR International, and their key commitment to further expansion will be to move into smaller locations.

Juan Valdez Café Announces Arrival in Central America

November 2013

The Colombian coffee shop chain announced stores in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. reports: "In Costa Rica, Juan Valdez will find a competitive market full of national and international brands such as Starbucks, Illy Gourmet, Saboreatéycafé and KafeHaus, among others."

Second Starbucks Coffee Shop in Guatemala

August 2011

The new store will open in late September and will be the fifth by the chain in Central America.

The 270 square meter store will be located in Oakland Mall and will create 30 jobs.

'On 19 March the chain opened it’s his first branch in the country, located in the Pradera Concepción shopping center, and also recently opened the third Starbucks branch in San Salvador in the Galeries shopping center", writes Byron Dardón in

Starbucks Guatemala Prepares Launch

January 2011

The company will open its first shop at mall Pradera Concepción before March 2011.

With the supervision of the Salvadoran American Coffee Corporation, administrator of the franchise for Central America, the recruiting for employees began through

"The arrival of Starbucks to the local market of Coffee Shops will represent a challenge for coffee chains like Barista, Cafe Saul and San Martin, focusing on a high socioeconomic segment operating in Pradera Concepcion, and indirectly to others like Coffee Cup & Café,” reported