Solar Energy: $26 Million Investment Planned

A solar energy generation park is to be built in the department of Jutiapa, Guatemala, which will have approximately 274 thousand panels and will be located on a 127-hectare plot of land.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

According to the interactive platform "Construction in Central America" of CentralAmericaData's Business Intelligence area, Solar El Progreso S.A., submitted to the Ministry of Environment the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) to develop the project called "Solar Santo Tomas".

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The project will consist of the installation and operation of a solar park for the generation of renewable electric energy by means of photovoltaic panels. The construction phase will last 18 to 24 months.

The document specifies that the energy generated in the project will be transmitted through an electrical transmission system to the Jalpatagua substation, where it will be delivered to the National Interconnected System (SNI).

Currently the capacities of the photovoltaic panels are 385W, 400W, 415W and 450W, so it is expected that the panels will match those capacities. The approximate number of panels to be installed is 273,924, on 3,261 tables of 28x3 panels per table and 20 power stations.

According to the EIA, approximately $26 million will be invested in this project.

CentralAmericaData has information on construction projects planned in all Central American countries, with details such as estimated investment, project timing and phases, supplies and equipment that will be required during and after construction, water treatment, parking structure, among others.

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