Software for investment portfolios, mutual and pension funds

Colombian company with more than 30 years in the market develops technological solutions that allow to manage in an integrated and timely way investment portfolios.

Solutions to manage investment portfolios, investment valuation tools, systems for stock exchange positions, fiduciaries, insurers, SAFIS and pension funds.

Investment and risk software: With this software developed by Heinsohn you will be able to manage all types of capital market investments with a 360 ° vision that transversally impacts the Front (Business), middle (Risks) and back (Operations) areas, covering the entire operating cycle and at the same time identifying and managing the risks involved in the management of financial investments.

Software for funds: Unique solution directed to the Fiduciaries and Investment Funds that integrates the operation of the collective Investment Funds. It is built with functional modules that allow companies to better develop the business, reacting timely to new legislation and reduce the Time-to-market.

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