Simplification of Procedures: Approval Needed to Move "From Words to Deeds"

Businessmen in Costa Rica recognize the progress made by the government, but are calling for an acceleration in the process to eliminate the duplication of paperwork which still prevails in several institutions.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Currently we have a clear agenda to deal with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry regarding outstanding issues and the reduction in the number of requirements for starting a business and those for established businesses.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica, Francisco Llobet told that "... We have been asking for progress, especially in terms of registrations for all products: drugs, cosmetics, food, natural products, biomedical equipment and supplies, among others, and have seen some progress, but certainly there is a lot more to do. "

For his part, President of the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica, Enrique Egloff, added "... There continues to be excessive duplication of procedures both in public and private institutions, and municipalities, affecting registering a business, paying taxes and these cause rises in production costs."

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Panama: Wrong Data Cited in Doing Business Report

January 2015

Claims have been made that the time it takes to undertake the procedures needed to start up a business stated in the Doing Business report are much longer in reality.

With the aim of improving competitiveness, private sector representatives have asked the Panamanian government to cut the amount of red tape, as some of the processes can take up to a year.

Costa Rica: No Solutions to Sanitary Registrations

July 2014

The Costa Rican Chamber of the Food Industry has reiterated the existence of problems in importing, exporting or launching new products, and with the financial controls at points of sale.

Managers of the business association pointed to "... lack of vision and political will in some public institutions such as the Ministry of Health."

Construction Sector Critises Rod Regulation

June 2013

There is concern in Costa Rica over the impact of the possible entry into force of the Regulation on the price and the supply chain of this product.

From a press release from the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica:

The Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica is deeply concerned about the Rod Regulation issued by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) and the impact that its possible entry into force may have on the price and the supply chain of this product.

No Real Progress in Reducing Paperwork

October 2011

The Costa Rican government has announced successes in de-bureaucratizing the country, but employers say that in reality plans to make it happened haven’t actually been put into action.

The business sector does acknowledge that some progress has been made, but is asking for better coordination between the different entities involved in issuing permits.