Shortage of Potatoes and Onions in Panama

The Ministry of Agriculture is projecting that local production of potatoes and onions will not be enough to meet domestic demand, and in the months of January and February 2015 imports will need to be made.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

According to estimates arising from the latest survey conducted by the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) production of potatoes and onions in the early months of 2015 will not be sufficient to meet demand therefore analysis is being undertaken on how much will need to be imported.

Rolando Guerrero, regional director of the MIDA in Chiriqui, told that "... During the month of December it is estimated that domestic consumption reaches 45,000 hundreweight, but it is assured that there will be sufficient production to meet demand. "

"... There are currently 18,107 hundredweight and in December about 21,280 hundredweight will be harvested. Added to this figure is over 10,000 hundredweight which is in the collection centers, enough to meet demand in December. In the case of potatoes, they are awaiting the harvest in Boquete, during December, of 20,650 hundredweight and Cerro Punta, of 80,040 hundredweight, which will be added to the 438 hundredweight which is in supermarkets, totaling about 101,128 hundredweight."

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From a statement issued by the Ministry of Agricultural Development:

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