Shortage of Ports in the Panamanian Pacific

It is not only the port of Corozal which needs immediate promotion, there is also an urgent need to keep building port infrastructure in order to take advantage of the Canal expansion.

Friday, January 22, 2016


The opinion of entrepreneurs in the logistics sector is unanimous: the forthcoming opening of the new and expanded Panama Canal locks should be the starting point for consolidating Panama as a major logistics hub for the hemisphere.

They point out the current lack of space, especially in the Pacific docks, to meet shippers demand for transfer operations. The Canal expansion will increase the country's attractiveness as a logistics hub, but must be planned for now, along with an increase in the supply of docks and other related infrastructure to take advantage of that demand. If Panama does not increase its supply of port services, other ports in the region will receive the benefit.

An article on items reports on the port project in Corozal stating that: "... 11 port operators, the largest in the world, have formally expressed their interest: Terminal Investment Limited, SA (TIL) (Luxembourg); Eurogate GmbH & Co. (Germany); Carrix, Inc. (EU); Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. (Korea); APM Terminals (The Netherlands); Ports America (USA); CMA-CGM (France); Evergreen (Taiwan); China Shipping Ports Development Co. LTD and China Harbour Engineering Company LTD (Republic of China); Mitsui OSK Lines (Japan) and Patrick Terminals (Australia). "Meanwhile, there is a delay in the process of securing port operators legal ability to receive the same tax benefits that are currently enjoyed by other port operators in the country.

"... The executive director of the Maritime Chamber of Panama (CMP), Luciano Fernandes, values ​​the presence of another Pacific port and not just because of its convenience. "It is vital" to complement the country's logistics center. "The Pacific side is where there is the most need of port infrastructure, roads, logistics parks and other developments. When you have a sea front, which is the case in Corozal, it makes sense to use it to transfer goods through a port terminal, " he said, noting that it will make the sector more competitive. The manager of the CMP referred to the fact that shipping lines can not operate in the Pacific due to lack of capacity in ports. "These lines design their routes depending on the availability of port terminals. With no windows at the docks, which refers to the specific time slots needed for an operation of a ship with a certain amount of cargo, these carriers can not operate. "

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Puerto Corozal be Tendered in August

March 2016

The Panama Canal Authority plans to publish conditions for the tender in August, after participants have completed a pre qualification process and consultation period.

Today March 11th is the date of receipt of proposals from companies interested in the construction and concession of the port.

Eleven Companies After Concession of Puerto Corozal

November 2015

While the bill to award the construction of a port in Corozal still sleeps at the Congress, eleven international operators have already expressed interest in participating in the act.

From a statement issued by the Panama Canal Authority:

Eleven of the largest port operators in the world have formally expressed to the Panama Canal Authority their interest in participating in a public tender for the concession of the Port of Corozal.In this first instance, companies expressed their interest to be considered in a possible pre-qualification process, which demonstrates the great demand for this service in the Panamanian Pacific coast, especially since the opening of the Canal expansion.

Chinese Interested in Reconstruction of Puerto Armuelles

February 2015

Shanghai Haojun Investment & Management is interested in participating in the project to build a road between Puerto Armuelles and a complementary port on the Atlantic coast.

The Chinese company Shanghai Haojun Investment & Management Co. Ltd. has expressed interest in taking part in the project which currently has a funding agreement for a technical study for the development of an intermodal canal, a multipurpose port and modernization of the infrastructure at the port in Armuelles.

The Concession Project of the Port of Corozal

February 2015

FAQs on the projected construction of a container transshipment port in the area of ​​Corozal West of the Panama Canal.

Information taken from the Panama Canal Administration:

1. What benefits will come from the construction of a new port in Corozal West?
There are several benefits: