Shopping Done Using Cell Phones

Devices connected to the internet will revolutionize consumption not only in terms of the way things are bought but also in the interaction between consumers and retailers.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From an article by the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER):

Mobile devices continue to change buying habits and defining the profile of the online shopper was the topic of discussion at Mobile Commerce Congress, the first conference dedicated exclusively to mobile commerce as a new sales tool for retailers, conducted in Spain.

E-commerce is a channel with increasing strategic importance for large, medium and small companies whose business is focused on selling goods and services to third parties, wearable devices (mobile internet devices that are portable) are revolutionizing consumption. Not only in the way we buy, but in how consumers and retailers interact.

The evolution of the 4 screens (cell phones, tablets, computers and SmartTVs), define the way to reach consumers, and each unit will have its functionality, so employers must find a way to forge synergies with these channels in orden to lead consumers to make a purchase.

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Online Sales: What Guatemalans are Looking for

August 2020

Of the total number of people in Guatemala who are looking to purchase products and services online, 27% are looking to buy electronic equipment, 14% are looking to hire an educational service and 13% are interested in purchasing a vehicle.

The interactive information system developed by CentralAmericaData, monitors in real time the changes in consumer habits in all markets of the region, with fundamental information to understand the new commercial environment that has emerged in an accelerated manner.

E-commerce and Customer Satisfaction

June 2020

In the new context of accelerated growth of e-commerce, most consumers claim to have had problems buying online, with delivery time failures and lack of service for their area being the most frequent complaints.

From June 8-12, a survey was conducted in Guatemala to measure people's perception of e-commerce, which has gained ground since Central American countries decided to decree severe household quarantines because of the covid-19 outbreak.

Faster Purchases and the Future of Digital Payment

July 2019

The preference for electronic financial transactions increases everyday, but the trend is to migrate to contactless payments, which will allow consumers to make their purchases 10 times faster than the traditional way.

Specialists in the subject explain that unlike the payment methods that until now are the most used in the region, contactless payments simply consist of holding a card in a payment reader to proceed with the transaction.

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May 2012

The change in the way that consumers relate to companies that provide services and products is deepening.

E-commerce in Latin America grew by 42.8% between 2010 and 2011, generating an expenditure of $43 billion, which is double the sales in 2009, according to a survey on Electronic Commerce in Latin America conducted by AméricaEconomía Intelligence, and commissioned by Visa.