Shopping Centers: Unemployment Rate Concerns

As a result of the crisis, in Costa Rica in June of this year the rate of availability of premises in shopping centers climbed to 11.8%, a proportion of concern because a healthy level should not exceed 10%.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The phenomenon, which is not new in the country, has worsened in the context of the covid-19 outbreak, since in mid 2019 it was reported that in the last year the unemployment of commercial premises in Costa Rica was on the rise, a behavior that was explained in part by the country's economic situation and by changes in consumer preferences.

A study by Colliers International reveals that the average price of rentals has also varied in this context of economic crisis and change in consumption habits, given that in recent months the cost per square meter of premises went from $18.50 to $17.94.

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Julieta Bonilla, spokesperson for Grupo Ceco, which groups 10 shopping centers, told that "... the problem has increased as of June. A great impact was noticed last July, because in that month those complexes and commerce in general could only open eight days."

Pablo Fernandez, general manager of Colliers International, thinks that "... the commercial sector must pay attention to the tendency of the E-Commerce, method that has taken more strength due to the current situation."

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CentralAmericaData reports that so far this year in the Central American markets the interest in e-commerce services reported a clear upturn, with Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama being the countries that registered the greatest increases in interactions associated with the topic.

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The pandemic drove consumers away from shopping centers, as government home quarantines in the region, the rise of e-commerce, and bans on people from visiting these facilities significantly affected mall operations.

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Because the supply of office and commercial buildings has increased, and at the same time unemployment has also risen, in Costa Rica the directors of these properties foresee that next year the parties will have to renegotiate the contracts.

Data collected by Colliers International indicate that between June 2019 and the same month in 2020 the total inventory of commercial buildings increased by 1.5% from 1.16 million m2 to 1.18 million m2.

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The phenomenon is not new, since in mid-2019 it was reported that in the last year the unemployment of commercial premises in Costa Rica was on the rise, a behavior that was partly explained by the economic situation of the country and by changes in consumer preferences.

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As a result of the crisis, the unemployment rate of commercial premises in Costa Rica rose from 8.81% to 9.86%, and the average price per square meter fell by 3%.

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