Shopping Centers: Low Optimism for Reactivation

As of August 17, Panamanian shopping centers will reactivate their operations, but only through online sales and consumers will only be able to withdraw their products, a modality that does not generate enough income to cover the costs of the shops.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, the Panamanian government has postponed on several occasions the reactivation of productive activities in the country, but after the Cabinet Council and the health advisory teams made an analysis of the current situation, the authorities decided to reopen the premises dedicated to retail trade.

For the Panamanian Association of Shopping Centers (Apacecom), the opening of stores operating in this type of facility to serve only customers who make purchases online will not be enough to guarantee the profitability of these businesses.

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Nadyi Duque, president of Apacecom, told that "... online purchases only represent between 5% and 10% of the regular sales volume of a business and that is not enough to sustain the businesses operating in the country, so it is necessary to reopen retail trade soon, so that customers can enter the premises and make their purchases, always complying with the biosecurity measures recommended by the Ministry of Health (Minsa)."

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Duke added that "... We expected a pronouncement of total opening, just as people can go to a supermarket to buy, as they can also enter the stores and do their shopping, we have all the biosecurity measures."

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