Shipowners and Shipping Companies Defend Port Concession.

Noting that the port services provided in Costa Rica are currently inefficient, an appeal has been filed in favour of granting the concession for the new container terminal in Moin.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Following complaints presented by the National Chamber of Banana Workers and the Union of Workers from Japdeva, the National Chamber of steamship owners and Agents (NAVE in spanish) has filed with the Administrative Court a request help in favor of the defendants.

"Antonio Souto Perez, president of NAVE, argued that "the quality of port services in Costa Rica, especially referring to the Caribbean and Atlantic Coast ports of Moin and Limon, are considered inefficient, to highlight a few specifics: incomplete service provision, weaknesses in infrastructure, increased waiting times that result in saturation in the port and notable problems in terms of freight costs'", reported

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Development is Hostage to Minority Interests

May 2014

In Costa Rica extreme environmentalism and the interests of the port unions are crippling a proposed $1 billion logistics development which is vital for the country

For the second time this year an appeal has been filed to obstruct the development of the port terminal by APM Terminals. Now it is the Constitutional Court that is hosting yet another appeal against the construction of the access road to the project.

Contract Signed for New Port in Moin

August 2011

After an arduous process, the government of Costa Rica has signed a concessionary award to Dutch run APM Terminals for the construction of the port and its management for a period of 30 years.

APM Terminal's investment will be $950 million, and they will have a period of 3 years to build a container port in Moin on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, north of the existing port facilities.

Costa Rican State Sued due to Moin Concession

March 2011

The National Banana Chamber filed a lawsuit in order to nullify the award to a foreign company of a new container port in Moin.

Among arguments included in the law suit presented before the Administrative Court, it states that the tender lacks any technical, environmental or financial studies.

Port Concessions Paralyzed in Costa Rica

August 2010

The Supreme Court has annulled an agreement reached with port workers who endorsed the concession of the Limón and Moín port operations.

The ruling also orders the reinstatement of the previous union board of directors, who opposed the concession of port operations to private companies.