Shady Prospects for Coffee

In Guatemala the union of producers has stated that a reduction in international prices is affecting the sector, which is already facing difficulties in covering production costs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The National Coffee Association attributes the problem to international consortia, which may be exerting further downward pressure on grain prices. They warn that this situation will have a strong impact on the national economy, because with current prices, producers are not even able to cover their costs.

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Ricardo Arenas Menes, president of the National Coffee Association (Anacafé), explained to that "... (the union) has been denouncing to other institutions and leaders of producing countries that producing coffee is not something magical and involves a producing family. An exchange rate makes us less competitive and all other countries, except Guatemala, have devalued their currency as a measure to support coffee production and be competitive."

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In the short term, the leader sees an even more complex panorama ."... There will be a serious unemployment rate, which will be worse, because they are no longer maintaining the working days they used to. The coffee industry is in total crisis and other countries subsidize coffee production, but Guatemala is being left behind due to a lack of country policies."

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Red Numbers for Guatemalan Coffee

March 2017

A reduction has been projected of between 10% and 15% in the 2017/18 harvest due to the effects of drought and frost in different production areas in the country.

The projections are the result of an assessment carried out by the technical department of the National Coffee Association (Anacafe) in different parts of the country. For the 2017/18 harvest a production of 3.35 million hundredweight is expected.

Guatemala: Increase in Coffee Production Projected

November 2015

Grain production is expected to increase from the 3.8 million in the 2014/15 harvest to 4.1 million in the current season.

The union of coffee producers anticipates better results for the 2015/16 harvest, despite the fall in international prices and the negative impact still being caused by the rust problem.

The Decline in Coffee Prices

November 2015

In El Salvador the drop in the international price, which has been aggravated because of the negative differential with which the country's production is paid, comes on top of the problems of performance, processing and logistics costs.

An analysis of the Salvadoran coffee sector, made by Patricia Garcia in an article on, shows that "...

Speculation Delays Coffee Sales in Guatemala

November 2010

According Anacafé, international grain buyers are delaying their purchases, waiting for prices to fall.

The international price of coffee is at record levels above $ 210 per bag. Directors of the National Coffee Association (Anacafe) explained that international buyers are expecting prices to fall and added that producers are finding it difficult to sell the product at these prices in the global market.