Will the port of La Union Ever be Tendered?

For the second time since the tender for the concession of the port resumed, the Executive Port Commission of El Salvador has deferred the date for receipt of bids, this time until March 10th.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

From a statement issued by the Executive Port Commission (CEPA):

At the request of enterprises the deadline for submission and opening of bids for the concession of the Puerto de La Union Central America has been extended.

The management of CEPA, with responsibility for carrying out the granting of Puerto de La Union, consistent with the vision and commitment of the Government with the creation of a center for sustainable development in the area of ​​influence of the Port, is making efforts to achieve a successful concession as a key and strategic project for the country's development .

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Another postponement in Tender for Puerto La Union

March 2015

For the fourth time since the project was announced, the Autonomous Executive Port Commission has extended the deadline for submission of tenders for the dredging of the harbor, this time to April 14.

With this new change and there are now four months of arrears since the date originally chosen for bids, which was December 2, 2014.

Deadline Extended for Puerto La Union Bids

November 2014

An announcement has been made that the Autonomous Executive Port Commission will extend the consultation period for pre qualified companies until January 23, 2015 and the receipt of bids until December 23rd.

The concession of the "white elephant" project in El Salvador is still behind schedule.

Puerto La Union: More Time for the White Elephant

October 2014

The Autonomous Executive Port Commission of El Salvador is now considering extending the deadline for pre-qualified companies to complete the consultation process for bidding in the concession.

The never ending story continues...

Initially submission of bids was planned for December 2 but now they are considering giving another 15 days to 4 pre-qualified firms in order to respond to queries about the process and so that they are better able to present "... their final offers in the best way."

Is There Any Hope for the Port of La Union?

June 2014

The change of government in El Salvador has not brought anything new to the eternal process of awarding a concession for the port terminal which appears to be economically unfeasible.

An article by Carlos G. Romero on Laprensagrafica.com summarizes what already appears to be an open secret in El Salvador: the local economy is not generating enough cargo traffic for the Port of La Union to be economically viable.