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San Miguel Industrial Park

San Miguel Industrial Park is the only park that owns a construction and consulting company. We offer the Free Zone location with the perfect building to suit your manufacturing needs. Our flexible layouts allow an easy future growth. Because of this fact we can offer exactly what our clients need at a very competitive price. Clients can own a building or they can enter a lease agreement. Because of this flexibility many world known companies have chosen to work with us. We are licensed to build in Honduras providing the best free zone laws in the industry maximizing profitability.

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Products and services:

1- Sale of Land (multiple locations)., , 2- Design and construction of buildings according to clients’ specification., , 3- Waste water treatment plants., , 4- Energy supply., , 5- Water supply., , 6- Telephone communications., , 7- All legal documentation for immediate operations., , 8- Personalized contact with our client., , 9- Project feedback to our clients to report the timeline., , 10- Guarantee to deliver the project on time.