Salvadorans Financed Honduran Bean Harvest

Up to 30% of the first harvest of beans in Honduras was funded in El Salvador.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Luis Donaire, president of PROGRANO, commented that the producers are returning to get financing from El Salvador, a situation attributed to lack of funding from the Honduran government institutions such as the National Bank for Agricultural Development.

This harvest is expected to yield about 600,000 quintals, or 30% of domestic demand. The government can set the purchase price at 1000 Lempiras ($53.2).

Carlos Giron, manager of the Honduran Institute of Agricultural Marketing, which has about $3 million available for the purchase of grain, acknowledged that some of the harvest goes to other markets in the region, without any controls, "we have to exercise better control on the exit of grains, as it is the Honduran population’s food supply and should be regulated by the Honduran Institute of Agricultural Marketing. "

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Honduran Beans Funded in El Salvador

August 2011

The competition to secure supplies of beans has led Salvadoran importers to buy in advance Honduras’ harvest.

An article in the Honduran news portal El Heraldo reports statements by Luis Donaire, from the agricultural union PROGRANO, "Producers have turned again to El Salvador for funding. Some have planted by their own efforts, but between 25% and 30% have used Salvadoran funds"

New Resources for Panamanian Farmers

May 2011

The Agricultural Development Bank (BDA) is making procedures more flexible in order to expedite loans to the agricultural sector.

The financial institution will lend up to $10 billion with an interest rate of 2% in regional fairs, and will expedite the necessary paperwork to formalize the credit.

The Red Bean Market in Honduras

December 2010

Price increases caused by demand from Nicaragua and El Salvador, together with the government mandated price freeze, have caused bean shortages in the domestic market.

The retail price cap as stipulated in a decree issued by the government, $ 3.70 for 5 lbs, prevents traders from profiting from their sale, so they just do not buy it or offer it.

$58 Million for Honduran Agriculture

August 2010

The state's farming ministry (SAG) has announced that resources will be made available to finance the country's food producing sectors.

Approximately $58 million is held in a trust managed by the Honduran Central Bank (BCH), provided by Petrocaribe, a Caribbean oil alliance with Venezuela.