Salvadoran Call Centers are Short on Qualified Staff

The call center industry is finding it hard to grow, due to lack of qualified bilingual personnel.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From every 7 individuals who apply for a Call Center job, just one has an English Language level of 85% or above. The remaining 6 display a skill level of 70%.

Beatriz Peralta, Sykes general manager, told that “these deficiencies limit the growth of the industry. Call centers are not aggressively looking for English customers or large companies, for fear of not being able to fulfill their personnel needs”.

Proesa, the Salvadoran investment promotion agency, reported there are several projects underway to teach English to more workers.

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Nicaragua: Growing Demand for Bilingual Staff

November 2013

It is increasingly common for companies to look for accountants, managers, engineers, architects and technicians who are bilingual.

Although more and more companies are looking for bilingual staff, language schools believe that the demand for courses is still too low to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and investment entering the country.

Costa Rica Needs Engineers and Salespeople

June 2013

Engineers in different specialties, sales representatives and administrative assistants, who are all fluent in English, are those most in demand.

The Talent Shortage Survey, conducted by ManpowerGroup Costa Rica among 620 employers, found that in the case of university courses "engineering (with their different emphases) is the only one that stands out in the list of jobs in demand this year ... ", reported

Bilingual Training Program Launched in El Salvador

December 2011

With the growing demand for bilingual staff, private organizations and government agencies have created a program entitled "English Training for Call Centers".

The project, by nature public / private, aims to bring some 400 new employees who are bilingual in English / Spanish into the job market .

Guatemala: Call centers need more bilingual employees

September 2008

The expansion of Digitex, 24/7 Customer, Transactel, Staffers, Red Ventures, and Genpact is triggering an increase in the demand for bilingual workers and at the same time is causing salaries in the sector to rise.

More personnel with a good level of English are needed.
Mario Marroquin, Director of Invest (an agency in Guatemala), points out that it is necessary to transform the national education curriculum to include English courses. A meeting is to be held with the Minister of Education to discuss including English in the primary education.