Salvadoran Beer to Honduras

Sivar Brewing Company, artisanal beer producer from El Salvador, began exporting to the Honduran market through the distributor ANPHAR, S.A.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Honduras is the second Central American market in which Sivar Brewing Company (SBC) products are entering, as they have been commercialized in Guatemala since last year.

Sergio Rodriguez, general manager of SBC, told Laprensagrafica that "... last year, the company began exporting to Guatemala, and this year it just started with Honduras. In fact, we have already scheduled our third shipment of product, through the distributor ANPHAR, S.A. which is our local commercial partner (in Honduras)."

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Rodriguez added that "... Our medium-term goal is to find the third country to which we are going to export. The intention is to enter one country per year. Now we have two years to produce and we already export to Guatemala and Honduras."

According to the company's management, SBC is currently in a position to cover the region's markets, as its production capacity reaches 1.5 million bottles per year.

CentralAmericaData reports state that in the first nine months of 2018 the main importer of beer in Central America remained Guatemala, with $46 million, followed by Honduras, with $32 million, Panama, with $29 million, El Salvador and Costa Rica, with $10 million each, and Nicaragua, with $2 million.

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