Safety and Health: Protocols for Companies

In order to reactivate economic activity in Panama, Ministry of Health authorities issued strict compliance guidelines for companies and workers.

Friday, May 15, 2020

The guide is aimed at producers, distributors, and consumers; microenterprises, medium-size companies, large companies, and their clients, who are required to comply with the standards established by the health authorities in order to mitigate the expansion of covid-19, the official document details.

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The guide explains that "... Companies must comply with the following (5) points to be developed in the specific protocols by economic sector:

1. Organization of the Special Committee on Health and Hygiene for the prevention and care of COVID-19 in each public or private institution, company and economic sector. a. Compliance with the protocols and guides issued by the Health Authority.

2. General prevention and control measures for workers, employers, clients, suppliers and visitors:
a. Frequent hand hygiene: Hand washing with soap and water and use of alcohol-based gel;
b. Use of masks; respiratory etiquette and other recommendations
c. Physical distance: at least 2 meters between people in public and work places;
d. Personal protective equipment according to the activity of those in the work place and the risks inherent to it.
e. Frequent cleaning and disinfection of areas and surfaces;
f. Proper waste management

3. Establish special schedules and restriction of the number of people in such a way that the measure of physical distance of 2 meters is kept, as well as other modalities such as teleworking (for such purposes use digital and technological means);

4. Monitoring of symptoms of employees and clients;

5. Stress management at work.

See "Guidelines for Returning to Normal in Post-Covid-19 Companies in Panama."

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