SONY Projects Greater Growth in El Salvador

Sony Inter-American, Inc. (SIA) announced that it will invest this year in the Salvadorian market 15% more than it did in 2007.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Richard Fairest, President of Sony Inter-American, informed "Our investment includes the opening of an office, whose main role will be 'to offer the visibility and improved efficiency necessary to assist our strategic partners - that are not only stores, but also service workshops - and the Salvadorian consumer.'

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Sony opens office in Guatemala

December 2008

Sony Inter-American (SIA) has decided to open an office in the country due to the development of the electronics sector in the Guatemalan market.

During an interview with the Prensa Libre daily, Richard Fairest, president of SIA, talked about the reasons for opening offices in the country and about their plans for the future.

Sony Inter-American expands in Latin America

October 2008

The company will open its own offices in Paraguay, Guatemala and El Salvador as a part of its strategy for growth and consolidation in Latin America.

With the opening of the new offices, Sony Inter-American hopes to directly attend to the market in the three countries where sale of Sony electronic products is on the rise.

Foreign investment in Panama increases 32.8%

October 2008

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that entered Panama during the first half of the year reached $100 million.

This is increase is due mainly to the investments and re-investment of earnings by banks with general license that are operating in the country.
The construction sector, expansions, and new port infrastructure, the new cellular bands and the electricity generation projects have also attracted huge volumes of foreign capital this year.

Sony to establish regional headquarters in Panama

May 2008

Sony has chosen Panama as its regional inter-American headquarters, where it will set its business plans and direct operations in 38 nations in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

"From here we will serve a region that has more than 130 million people," said Richard Fairest, president of Sony Inter-American, during the inauguration ceremony for the new organization.