Rise in Tariffs on Transshipment Containers

I Panama companies warn that container traffic will drop if the implementation of the new tariffs for food import inspections are not stopped.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Business Council Logistics (Coel) is concerned that if the new tariffs do come into force of on July 3, "... the window will open for other state institutions to suggest similar increases, putting at risk the second most important sector of the Panamanian economy after the Panama Canal. "

See resolution published in the Official Gazette. (In Spanish)

"... Coel convened a meeting of its members to discuss the resolution issued by the Aupsa aimed at increasing rates from July 3. Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation Research Center carried out an analysis of the rate rise and its impact on the transshipment hub, indicating that there is concern that with higher tariffs there will be reduction in the container movements. "

Capital.com.pa reports that "...According to the quantitative analysis by Georgia Tech, notifications increased from $2.00 to $5.00, stamps per container from $5.00 to $7.00, representing an increase of 71.4%. The increase in the cost structure paid to government entities such as the Aupsa, the National Customs Authority (ANA) and Agricultural Quarantine for transshiping containers according to Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation Research Center, represents 23.5% in other words between $21.25 and $26.25. According to the analysis, the total cost of transshipment which includes port and transport services is approximately $500. "

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Logistics: Business Stolen from Panama?

February 2019

Because Colombian ports have a lower operating cost base than Panamanians, the South American country competes to appropriate the logistics business in the region.

Until a while ago, Panama led the logistics operations in the region, however, there are some signs that indicate that this situation could be changing, since the growth in the movement of maritime cargo in the country has reported a slowdown in recent years.

Panama: Complaints Over Food Transfer Rates

April 2016

The maritime union has requested a reconsideration of the transshipment tariffs governing food from the 1st of April, as it represents 48% more on operating costs.

From a statement issued by the Maritime Chamber of Panama:

Panama, April 1, 2016. - The Maritime Chamber of Panama and unionized shipping lines in the CMP has called for a reconsideration on the part of the Panamanian Authority for Food Safety (AUPSA) over what they consider an unfortunate measure made by this entity.

Panama: Labor for the Logistics Sector

April 2014

The economic growth which will be generated by the canal expansion will increase the demand for skilled workers in the logistics industry.

Foreign trade, port planning and management, border management and maritime transport are some of the sectors that require skilled labor in the coming years in Panama.

Cargo Movement in Panamanian Ports Down 7.7%

July 2013

Between January and May this year 2,672,194 TEUs were transported while in the same period in 2012 the number was 2,895,544 TEUs.

Daniel Isaza, president of the Business Logistics Council (Coel), said that "from 2011 to 2012 growth went from 6.7 million TEUs to 6.8 million TEUs, for the end of 2013 we had expected growth in containers, but we all know that it will not happen. "