Rise in Employment Contracts in Panama

Between January and July 2013 there were 159,866 new labor contracts, marking a growth of 14%.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The data was provided by the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development.

"37% of the contracts were permenant, 29% temporary and the rest were for projects that had a fixed completion date," reported Prensa.com. The sectors where there were the greatest number of contracts included construction, hotels, restaurants and wholesale and retail trade.

HR consultants were positive about the number of permanent contracts as it is a sign that companies have long-term projects which boosts the economy of the country.

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Human Resources: New Reality, New Needs

August 2020

Focusing the skills of employees according to new opportunities and approving laws that allow for more flexible labor agreements are some of the proposals being discussed in Guatemala for companies to face the new labor reality.

Following the economic crisis that caused the outbreak of covid-19, the recovery and generation of jobs is one of the issues that occupies much of the attention of the government in Guatemala.

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July 2020

Faced with the sudden change that the new normal generated in companies, employees are challenged to increase their skills to work remotely, adapt to more flexible contracts and refine their technological skills and cognitive qualities.

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Growing Demand for Labor in Panama

October 2013

Between January and August 2013 there were 183,562 employment contracts, of which 69,830 were for an indefinite period and 59,763 for fixed work.

The Economic activities which report the most amount of contracts in that period were hotels and restaurants, manufacturing, service, finance and insurance, transport, storage and mail, information, communication, and others, according to the Ministry of Labour and Development (Mitradel) .

Increase in Employment Contracts in Panama

November 2012

In the first seven months of the year, 235, 529 employment contracts were made, 17, 406 more than in the same period in 2011.

A press release from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Panama reads:

The Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development, recorded between January and July 2012, about 235,529 employment contracts, contracts 17,406 more than in the first seven months of 2011, as announced by the department of economic research at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in a report.