Rice: Request for Modification of Shortage Decree

After the Costa Rican government authorized the importation of 50 thousand metric tons of paddy rice, the National Rice Corporation is requesting that this volume be increased by an additional 20 thousand tons.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The National Rice Corporation (CONARROZ) requests the government to increase the Shortage Decree No. 42765-MAG-MEIC-COMEX, through which the import of 50,061 thousand metric tons of paddy rice was authorized, by 20 thousand tons more, to ensure local consumption at a fair price, says a statement issued by the guild on March 15, 2021.

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The document highlights that the sustained increase in international prices as well as the effect this could have on the consumer price with an increase, are the alerts for the entity to insist on extending the official approval, which in the end generates a benefit to the consumer.

According to the guild, the request is framed in the situation that is being experienced worldwide as a result of the pandemic. The country depends on the behavior of the international market.

For Minor Cruz, executive director of CONARROZ, there are situations that may compromise the future supply, not only because of the availability but also because of the increase in the prices at which it is being quoted.

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Rice: Industrialists Press for Price Increase

December 2019

As a pressure measure for the government to decree a 1.9% increase in consumer value, in Costa Rica industrialists have decided to suspend from December 2 the receipt of national grain.

According to businessmen, the price increase is pending since June 2019 and they hope that with this pressure measure, the authorities will publish the decree, in which the value of the kilo is increased from $1.06 to $1.08 for the variety with 20% broken grain, also known as 80/20.

Guatemala to Import Duty Free Grains

November 2017

Authorization has been given for 2018 to importy duty free a maximum of 5 thousand MT of black beans, 150 thousand MT of yellow corn, 50 thousand MT of white corn and 26 thousand MT of paddy rice.

The approved quotas were: Black beans, a maximum of 5 thousand metric tons -MT-, equivalent to 110 thousand hundredweight; yellow corn, 150 thousand -MT-, equivalent to 3.3 million hundredweight; white corn, 50 thousand -MT-, 110 thousand hundredweight and unhusked rice, 26 thousand MT, 572 thousand hundredweight.

Rice: International Report up to September 9th

September 2014

The government of Honduras has authorized the import of 25,126 metric tons of rice in order to avoid a shortage in the supply of grain in the local market.

"...After arduous deliberation, Honduras has authorized the importation of 25,126 metric tons of rice so as not to be at risk of a shortage of the grain.

Shortage of Rice Projected in Panama

July 2014

While the government announces its intention to curb imports of milled rice producers are warning that the current crop will not be enough.

Of the 72,200 hectares planned by the agricultural authorities for cultivation in the 2014-2015 agricultural cycle, producers are claiming that the harvest ending in April 2015 will amount to only 40 thousand hectares. Currently cultivation has a deficit of 6,300 hectares.