Rice: International Report up to November 5th, 2014

Panama: Rice producers in Cocle are demanding more support from the government in order to solve the problem of access to water sources.

Friday, November 14, 2014

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Thailand and a multi million dollar loss

The move from a subsidy system sought by the elected and overthrown government has created a loss of nearly 16 billion dollars. According to the military junta which took power earlier this year, reserves total 19.2 million tonnes of rice and 70% of it is in poor condition.

Philippines continues to import rice from Vietnam and Thailand

As stated by the National Food Authority (NFA), the Philippines continues to import rice from Vietnam; after the arrival of 130,000 bags of 50 kilos from Vietnam, it has been affirmed that next week Thailand will send more rice.

Vietnam: exports from the Mekong River increase and Vietnamese prices hold.

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Rice: International Report up to December 18

December 2014

In Honduras the Rice Producers Association is negotiating with the government conditions for establishing a reference price and proposing fixing at $18.65 per hundredweight.

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New Tender by Iraq leaves Latin America in suspense .

The Iraqi state-owned grain company issued on Monday an international tender to buy at least 30,000 tons of rice, as stated by the Ministry of Commerce.

Rice: International Report up to December 12

December 2014

In Costa Rica a quota for 17,000 tons of rice imported from the US has been rejected, due to the alleged presence of pesticide residues.

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Now official: Thailand is the largest exporter of rice

With more than 10 million tons of rice, Thailand was the largest rice exporter in 2014.

Rice: International Report up to December 5th

December 2014

Panama has reported that production will be deficient and it will need to import grain in order to meet local demand.

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This week prices remained stable in the face of weak demand from buyers.

In Thailand, large losses of rice stocks have changed the situation for rice.

Rice: International Report up to November 21st

November 2014

Calculations by associations of rice farmers in Panama indicate that the total hectares planted this year is less than 40,000, well below the 76,000 that was grown between 1999 and 2001.

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South Korea: Farmers protest against measures for market liberalization.