Revived Interest in Panama - Colombia Ferry

A European group is negotiating the operation of the maritime route between Colon and Cartagena using a ship with capacity for 1,500 passengers, 200 cars and 50 containers.

Thursday, December 5, 2013 reports: "In the absence of a land connection between the two countries, and which would link South America with the rest of the continent, the ferry between Colon and Cartagena is a project that has attracted entrepreneurs in the recent past, but without any great results" .

Last week, a European firm was able to reach a preliminary agreement with the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) to carry out the project. It is rumored that the ferry could start operations in March 2014 and only needs the company to present a final proposal before the agreement can be signed.

People close to the negotiations revealed that among the agreements between the parties is a grant of $350,000 from the ATP to cover part of the risk that the firm would take on with this project.

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