Restrictions on the Importation of Used Vehicles

The authorities in Guatemala informed that the importation and registration of used vehicles that are seven years old or older, and whose engine does not start, will not be allowed.

Friday, April 30, 2021

The importer or assistant of the Customs Agent duly accredited before the Customs Service, may request before the customs authority, if deemed appropriate, the authorization to carry out a permitted activity whose objective is the corroboration of the starting or ignition of the vehicle, informed the Intendencia de Aduanas.

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According to the official statement, article 3 of Governmental Agreement number 133-2012 of the Vice Presidency of the Republic states:

"... The importation and registration in the Tax Registry of collided, crashed or damaged land motor vehicles, which do not allow their circulation, because it does not start or turn on the engine, will not be allowed from the seventh year of the model of the current year.

This will be verified physically at the moment of the importation and not by the condition of the title
". See full information.

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Used vehicles: Controversy Over Import Controls

February 2019

Arguing that the objective is to ensure that used cars into Costa Rica are in optimal condition, the new Customs authorities are tightening controls on imported units.

Importers of used vehicles in Costa Rica report that since the new General Director of Customs took office in January this year, is promoting a new guideline that generates uncertainty in the sector.

El Salvador and the Used Car Trade

February 2017

Between 2014 and 2016 the import of used cars grew by 65%, while new car imports rose by 9% in the same period.

The difference in prices is the main factor behind the exponential growth recorded in imports of used cars in El Salvador. Data from the General Directorate of Customs shows that in 2014 24,735 used vehicles came into the country, while in 2016 the figure rose to 41,000.

Costa Rica: Restrictions on Importing Vehicles

October 2016

Through a decree issued by the Ministry of Finance between January and August 2017 agencies and distributors will not be able to import vehicles whose model corresponds to 2018.

Decree number 39941-H   which the Ministry of Finance issued on October 21 in La Gaceta states that, in order to regulate the assessment procedure for the import of vehicles, between January and August 2017 units can not be imported whose models corresponding to the following year, 2018.

Automotive Market in El Salvador

June 2016

The vehicle fleet grew from 713,000 vehicles in 2010 to 925,000 in 2015, of which 70% were used vehicles.

In the Salvadoran vehicle fleet used vehicles predominate. Of every ten vehicles that came into the country in 2015, seven were used, the vast majority coming from the United States.