Restrictions on Regional Energy Trade

The transport of electricity between El Salvador and Guatemala through the Electrical Interconnection System for the Countries of Central America is limited to 170 MW.

Friday, November 22, 2013

This is despite the fact that the Electric Interconnection System for Central American Countries (Siepac) has capacity to transmit 300 MW, said Luis Herrera, manager of the Wholesale Market Administrator (AMM) in Guatemala.

He said the Regional Operating Agency (EOR) , which is managed by Siepac has only authorized the transport of this volume of electricity. reports: "The Salvadoran authorities referred to, through electrical studies, this decision being due to operating system security and avoiding the need for contingencies, as if more is transported lines will be overloaded ."

Meanwhile, Edwin Rodas, Guatemalan Deputy Minister of Energy said they will ask for explanations for this limitation because his country has a "surplus of one thousand megawatts."

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Electricity Interconnection Opens Market in Honduras

March 2014

The link through SIEPAC allows Honduras to purchase cheaper energy from Guatemalan private power generators.

The opening of the penultimate stage of the Central American network opens up a new way for Honduras to obtain energy from outside of its domestic market at lower prices.

Guatemala Has Exportable Surplus of Electricity

November 2013

Guatemala is the most interested country in speeding up regulation establishing the model of firm contracts within the regional electricity market.

This was explained by Guatemalan Vice Minister of energy, Edwin Rodas.

The idea of this is to harness the Electrical Interconnection System for Central America (Siepac) not only for the sale of energy to other countries, but also to provide telecommunications services over optical fibers which these lines have.

Guatemala Doubles Energy Exports

August 2013

This year, the country went from exporting 14GW per hour between January and May to 35GW per hour in June and July, with the entry into force of the regulation on regional integration.

According to Jorge Alvarez, market manager of the Wholesale Market Administration (AMM by its initials in Spanish), in July 50 GWh were sold, and in the first 20 days of August 22 GWh have been exported.

Official Start of Regional Electricity Market

June 2013

On June 1 the Regional Electricity Market Rules and the Supplementary Detailed Procedure Electrical Interconnection System for Central America became effective.

"It's a big step forward for electrical integration. These are rules designed to operate the SIEPAC line and power transmission capacity between countries with greater intensity," said the executive director of the Regional Operating Agency (EOR), Rene Gonzalez.