Restaurants Ask for More Flexible Schedules

Businessmen in the sector in Costa Rica requested the authorities to modify the last restriction, which prohibits restaurants from providing self-service after 5 p.m.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

According to directors of the Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants (Cacore), the measure of sanitary vehicle restriction, which forces establishments to close at 5 pm, has caused a collapse in the express service system itself and through platforms.

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In a statement that the union published on its social networks, Clemencia Palomo, spokeswoman for Cacore, explained that the "... regulatory body is asked to consider an adjustment to the guideline, to enable us to meet the demand for food through self-service and take-out food, so that we can deliver the order in the customers' vehicles after 5:00 pm, since during this time it is forbidden to attend inside the commercial establishment and the only alternative is the express service that has collapsed due to the large number of orders."

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Palomo added that "... There are long queues in the supermarkets, they can not make their purchases, so people decide to ask for home service, the own systems of attention from the call center, amount of authorized motorized and digital platforms, collapsed, having to disable the app because they could no longer meet the demand."

Regarding restaurant sales projections, the Interactive Information System developed by CentralAmericaData forecasts that when Central American economies begin to relax the restriction and quarantine measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of covid-19, the demand for meals outside the home will decrease by about 7% from the levels reported prior to the health crisis.

Restaurants in Costa Rica and Covid-19: How to face the new commercial reality?

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