Telcos Demand Free Competition in Projects

Telecoms companies in Costa Rica demand the abolition of a decree which allows the government to award contracts without bidding in the National Telecommunications Fund.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

According to the Chamber of Information and Technology this could cause market distortions and they warn that the decree could have implications and consequences of possible violations of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States (CAFTA).

In a paid advertisement published in the chamber in, they complain that the decree would create an invasion of the exclusive power of the Telecommunications Superintendence (to run the funds) and a possible violation of the principles of national treatment, universal service and regulatory independence set out in international treaties.

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Costa Rica: Telecoms Moving Slowly

January 2015

Even though demand continues to grow, operators are not able to grow due to lack of effective competition in the mobile market and delays in the allocation of spectrum.

A portion of customers in the cellular market and other telecommunications services such as internet and cable television are still dissatisfied, but telecommunications companies are not able to increase their services due to the slow rate at which the rules are set and at which infrastructure problems are addressed.

Lack of Transparency in Spectrum Management

July 2013

In Costa Rica "... there are mobile operators who did not go through a public tender process, who do not pay for the frequencies they use, and who do not have any coverage obligations ..."

"We are talking about public property which five years ago, when the Telecommunications Act was passed, had a low profile and was largely unregulated," noted an article in

4G Frequencies Under Consideration in Costa Rica

May 2013

The Government is considering a possible tender for a new radio frequency block that would provide fourth-generation mobile services.

Alejandro Cruz, Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt), asked the Sutel to define the future of the 70 MHz block not auctioned in 2011, when Telefonica and Claro were awarded frequencies.

Costa Rica approves telecommunication regulations

October 2008

The Board of Directors of the Public Services Regulatory Authorities approved the first three set of rules to regulate the telecommunication sector with the context of an open market.

The rules will come into effect once they are published in the Gazette on Friday October 17.