Renewable Energy Potential in the Region

Enel Green Power says there is room to diversify sources of energy in Central America .

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Representatives of the company, which has presence in Brazil, Mexico and Chile, have shown interested in developing geothermal projects in Guatemala, where they are diversifying the development of energy sources.

Legal stability, foreign investment protection and a business friendly environment are the elements that companies such as Enel are looking for in order to bring their business to Central America.

An article in Siglo 21 states: "Valerio Cecchi, president of the company, said that "the group works with various technologies such as wind, solar and geothermal, and we have ongoing activities and research. We are in El Salvador and Nicaragua for geothermal exploration. Honduras has organized a conference in order to attract investment into further exploration of the field. "

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Central America: Opportunity in Renewable Energy

February 2013

New models of renewable energy developments led by SMEs are providing electricity to low-income rural households. reports that "The lack of oil reserves and rising prices has meant that the energy issue has gained a lot of interest in recent years in Central America. Installed capacity increased from 4129 MW in 1990, to 11,865 MW to in 2011, while net generation increased from 14,175 GWh to 42,115 GWh. "

Italian Company Enel Increases Investments in Latin America

January 2013

Latin America is one of the most promising renewable energy markets for Enel Green Power, which plans to invest more than 2 billion Euros by 2016 for the development of renewable energy in the region.

Latin America is a rapidly expanding market, where it is expected that energy demand will have an average annual growth of 3.5% by 2020.

$24 Million For Renewable Energy in Central America

March 2010

The Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America (EEP) has made these resources available as seed capital for renewable energy projects.

Entrepreneurs interested in developing renewable energy projects can now apply and receive funds to pay for feasibility studies plus assistance in getting loans from commercial banks.

Honduras: Renewable Energy is not Progressing

May 2009

Entrepreneurs are complaining that ENEE favors companies producing electricity with imported raw materials.

Energy developers are complaining that the National Electricity Company (ENEE) is negotiating contracts with companies that work with imported raw materials, while a number of renewable energy projects are stalled due to lack of resolution.