Renewable Energy Capacity in El Salvador

It has been estimated that in the next six years more than 900 MW of additional power will be generated from renewable sources.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A study produced in conjunction with American Cooperation Agency (USAID) revealed that "... from this year until 2021 it is expected that generation capacity will grow by 145.7 MW in energ from hydropower sources, by 102 MW from geothermal sources and 380 MW using natural gas. Is predicted is that there will be 170.7 MW in solar power, 81.5 MW in biomass (sugar cane) and 40 MW in wind power. "

Some projects have already started to materialize, such as Energía del Pacífico, which generates energy from natural gas in the port of Acajutla. reports that from the study by USAIDS, "... the institutions and the Transactions Unit (UT), the Superintendency of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET), the National Energy Council (CNE) and other authorities are carrying out the analysis needed to determine how much can be offered to the national grid. The USAID study is just the starting point for measuring the possibilities. "

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Dominican Republic: More Renewable Energy

August 2018

The union for the sector stated that in the next months 180 MW of wind energy and 58 MW of solar energy will become part of the country's energy matrix.

Representatives from the Dominican Electrical Industry Association (ADIE) announced that in the remainder of 2018 five projects, representing an investment of around $500 million, will start operating. 

Electricity Market Growing in Guatemala

September 2014

With the recently awarded contracts and tenders in process, it is estimated that by 2017 the energy matrix will grow by 52%, with hydropower accounting for 41.3%. reports that "...With the contracts awarded, which are for 15 years, the installed power generation capacity will go from 2,519 megawatts (MW) recorded last May to three 3,836 MW. "

Change in El Salvador's Energy Matrix

July 2013

The current tender for 350 MW of renewable energy or energy generated with natural resources that have so far not been used such as coal or natural gas, is an example of the projected change.

Three tenders are currently being made to contract out new generation, with the aim of ensuring the supply of electricity for the country at competitive prices.

Latin America Renews its Energy Matrix

April 2009

The crisis is not stopping energy projects. Nicaragua is among the countries that are growing the most in wind energy generation capacity.

The region is trying to regain lost ground, and there are dozens of power generation projects, especially using renewable sources.