Regional Production and Inflation Continue to Drop

Situation Report for March 2009 by the Executive Secretary of the Central American Monetary Council (SECMCA).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Central American - Dominican Republic region could experience economic stagnation or a slight decline in 2009. According to what was published in the February report, econometric projections of regional economic growth already considered that the area of economic stagnation is at its bottom point. Projections with data from the Monthly Indicator of Economic Activity and variables related to production that are more up to date, indicate that if this trend continues and if the same global conditions are maintained, the rate of growth in 2009 could fall below zero (-0.5%).

The risks of inflation in the region have declined in recent months as a result of monetary policy measures taken last year and the falling prices of oil products and certain commodities.

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Inflation, measured by year-on-year change in consumer prices, slowed in the second quarter of 2010 to 4.9%, compared to 2.9% in June 2009. This level is within the target limits set by the region's central banks.

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Production continues to fall, as evidenced by the Central American Monthly Economic Activity Index, confirming a process started on the last trimester of 2008. June's variation was -1.9% when compared to the same month of the previous year.

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Regional inflation has considerably decelerated in the past quarters, as a result of the application of a series of prudent monetary policy measures, and some exogenous factors related to the abrupt deceleration of the global economy.

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The excessive volatility in the financial markets and the low investor and consumer confidence levels are omens that the crisis is going to last, which is being translated into lower levels of consumption and investment and high unemployment rates in the most developed countries.