Radio Spectrum Tender Being Prepared

The Ministry of Telecommunications has announced that a tender for allocating frequencies will take place in early 2015 and plans to add a new operator to the process.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Officials added that the tender documents will be ready at the end of the semester and discussed the possibility of adding one more operator to the competition. This option has not been well received by the telecommunications companies currently taking part in the tender for whom "... the frequencies available for a second competition would barely be enough to improve their services."

Rivera, from Telefonica told that "... fragmenting the spectrum even more doesn't seem like a good idea. 'In the end markets end up being concentrated in a few operators.'"

Victor Garcia, regulatory manager of Claro said, "... 'If they are thinking about another operator, we should not be putting out to tender 70 MHz but several hundred '... the telephone market is already saturated."

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Confidential Business Information About State Telecom Company Revealed

July 2015

According to confidential documents made public by a legislator, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad has lost hundreds of thousands of customers in recent months.

An article on reports that "... The telecommunications sector of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) has lost about 200 thousand customers in May t to June his year.

Costa Rica: Telecoms Still Waiting for Frequencies

May 2015

The new Vice Minister said they are waiting for two more studies before deciding how and when to tender the unused radio spectrum that mobile operators have waited so long for.

Although the former deputy minister said that the frequencies would be tendered at the beginning of this year, his controversial departure from the Ministry and the arrival of his replacement will further delay the process.

No More Mobile Operators in Costa Rica

December 2014

The government has confirmed that the auction of the remaining 70 MHz of spectrum in 2015 will be only among the three current telecommunications operators.  

In the end the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt) announced that the auction of radio spectrum of 70MHz in early 2015, which aims to strengthen the current market, will be launched without the involvement of a fourth operator, as was originally considered.

Radio Spectrum: Uncertainty Over License Renewal

February 2014

The arrival of new mobile services could be delayed if the uncertainty surrounding the renewal of licenses to mobile operators continues.

A report by the company GSMA, a firm that brings together more than 800 mobile operators in the world, presented a study which analyzes the state of the radio spectrum in Latin America and how the licenses are renewed for use in countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama.