Radio Frequency Allocation in Panama

Eight bidders submitted offers in the tender conducted by the Public Services Authority to grant concessions for open radio frequency bands, AM and FM.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Of all the proposals only two did not meet the requirements, resulting in their rejection. Corporación Medcom Panamá S.A. bid $35,143 for the frequency 90.9 MHz (FM)-Bocas del Toro, and $18,116 for the frequency 100.7 MHz (FM)-Darien.

Televisora Panameña S.A. offered $35,145 for the frequency 94.1 MHz (FM)-Bocas del Toro, Asociación Cristiana de Comunicación, bid $35,144 for the frequency 94.9 MHz (FM)-Bocas del Toro and $18.117 for the frequency 94.7 MHz (FM)-Darien and Kool Communication SA offered $18,122 for 88.7 MHz (FM)-Darien.

"This is an act that must be carried out by law every two years for the concession of radio frequencies that are currently available," said Edwin Castillo, director Asep telecommunications.

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Prequalification for Tender of Radio Frequencies

July 2017

Multitone Corp, Comunicaciones Urracá, S.A., Visión Global, S.A., Kool Comunication and Kerum Intercontinental, S.A. were prequalified to participate in the tender for eight FM radio frequencies.

From a statement issued by the Asep:

Panama: AM and FM Frequencies to be Granted in Concession

May 2016

Of the total of 102 frequencies to be concessioned by the Asep, 45 are in the Frequency Modulation band and 57 in Amplitude Modulation band.

From a statement issued by the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP)

ASEP prepares for biannual call for AM and FM radio frequencies

Panama: Concession of 45 Radio Frequencies

December 2015

The tender for the 45 modulated frequencies is planned for October 2016 and will include 3 between Panama and Panama West, 30 in Darien, 2 in the central provinces, 2 in Chiriqui, 1 in Colon and 7 in Bocas del Toro.

With the "Reorganization of the FM frequencies" plan being carried out by the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP), the aim is to comply with international standards, which require that there is a minimum separation of 400 KHz between each frequency.

Panama: Reallocation of Concessions for FM Bandwidths

March 2015

The National Public Services Authority intends to rearrange assignments for the FM radio spectrum band between 88 MHz and 108 MHz.

From a statement issued by the National Authority for Public Services (ASEP):

An initiative to reorganize the radio spectrum Frequency Modulation (FM) band in Panama has been presented by the National Authority for Public Services (ASEP) to representatives of operating companies that provide services for open radio on this modulation nationwide.