Banking Figures in Guatemala

As of March 2018, banks registered 6,230 agents and 8,668 establishments, 8% and 21% more than in the same month in 2017, while 337 branches were closed.

Friday, May 4, 2018

According to figures from the Superintendency of Banks, between the months of March 2017 and 2018, the number of banking agencies nationwide fell from 3,614 to 3,277, which is equivalent to a fall of 9%. This contrasts with the increases recorded in the number of agents and banking establishments.   

Regarding the reasons for the reported behavior, Carlos González, analyst at the Association of Research and Social Studies, explained to that "... Technology and the fact that small businesses can carry out certain monetary transactions is leading banks to change their model to one that does not require users to go to branches to carry out their transactions.'"

The article reports that "... According to data from the SIB, the number of establishments that Crédito Hipotecario Nacional opened in the last year increased by 455%, going from 185 to 842. In addition, Banco de Desarrollo Rural, S.A. continued to strengthen its presence in this segment, reaching 2,599 authorized branches and 2,815 centers. In second place was Banco G&T Continental, with 1,326 agents and 1,727 establishments, while Banco Industrial reached 1,782 agents and 2,162, respectively."

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The Superintendency of Banks and Other Financial Institutions of Nicaragua has authorized Banco Corporativo to carry out financial intermediation activities in the country.  

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ScotiaBank Leaves Guatemala

May 2013

The Canadian Scotiabank has announced the sale of its shares in the Bank of Antigua in Guatemala to Grupo Ribadeneira of Ecuador.

According to Andrew Jervis, president of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Antigua, the transaction which has the backing of the Superintendency of Banks (SIB), does not mean a change in the operating model, and continuity of service has been assured for their customers.

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According to experts, more branches do not mean a larger banking population.

While the number of bank branches in the country has grown significantly, the number of Guatemalans who have a bank account is less than 25%.

Experts in the field, such as the economist Julio Estrada, say that one of the main advantages of the population being involved in banking is access to credit, which enhances a country's development.

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The National Bank of Costa offers 250 services at 500 local small businesses.

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