Purchase patterns: Changes to Be Permanent

Increased demand for cleaning products, the use of e-commerce as a purchasing channel and the preference for functional foods are some of the new trends that will prevail in the medium and long term, once the pandemic is overcome.

Monday, April 27, 2020

According to a study prepared by the Foreign Trade Promoter of Costa Rica (Procomer), the outbreak of covid-19 has caused changes in consumer behavior and to take advantage of the opportunities one must begin to understand those that will come after the pandemic is overcome.

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In the short term there has been a noticeable demand for WFH IT solutions, e-learning IT solutions, hospital materials, 3D printing, preserved foods, personal protective equipment and video games.

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The report, "Reconfiguring Supply and Demand for Goods and Services in the Context of Covid-19", reviews how the pandemic has led to a growth in online searches for foods with functional benefits.

The document specifies that "... In this time of global pandemic, consumers are increasingly aware of their health and the practices needed to maintain it."

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"Something as everyday as washing your hands with soap and water has become the way to fight the spread of the coronavirus, and alcohol gels and clean-ups are part of the next level of protection. Both have boosted sales of personal hygiene and household cleaning products. Manufacturers of cleaning products, both personal and environmental, have great opportunities, as do collateral items such as paper towels and tissues."

Download full report (in Spanish).

Given this business transformation, CentralAmericaData developed a georeferenced information system that allows the identification of behavior patterns and preferences of consumers in any Central American market. We have detailed information on the number of people, their location by area and their socio-demographic characteristics, such as gender, age, socioeconomic level and other relevant data such as interests and preferences.

The tool provides information on the concentration of the population by age groups, fundamental data for making business decisions such as where to open a new sales point, to adapt to new product delivery times, among others.

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The spread of covid-19 caused a considerable change in people's habits.

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In the new business scenario consumers have increased the demand for household disinfection products, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and medicines, consumption patterns that could be maintained in the medium and long term.

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The interactive information system developed by CentralAmericaData monitors in real time changes in consumer habits in all markets in the region, with information that is essential for understanding the new business environment that has emerged quickly.

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The new commercial reality that emerged in an accelerated way due to the health crisis, forces companies to quickly understand the changes in the consumption habits of their customers and how to take advantage of the opportunities that derive from this transformation in business.