Puerto Santo Tomas Seeks $78 Million

The National Port Company Santo Tomás de Castilla will seek external financing to develop the expansion works planned for the port terminal in the next five years.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

According to the representatives of the Empresa Portuaria Nacional Santo Tomas de Castilla (Empornac), in the next five years a cruise terminal will be built, one for solid and liquid bulk, and another for containers.

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Regarding the resources needed by the maritime terminal, César Meza, CEO of Empornac, said to Prensalibre.com that "... In the construction we will require external funding, and negotiations are underway. Now, there is an offer from South Korea, which carried out the master plans of the port network to finance the expansions through a soft loan."

Meza added that "... The investment will include the equipment, the depths in the dock (dredging) and the access channels to each of the terminals. In five years we estimate to have the terminals, and for the next one to have the processes. The last terminal to be built would be the container terminal, which includes the installation of gantry cranes."

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Tender for the Design of Maritime Terminals

May 2019

In Guatemala, the designs of the cruise terminal and the liquid bulk terminal, both in the National Port of Santo Tomas de Castilla, Puerto Barrios, Izabal, are tendered.

Guatemala Government Purchase 10213864:

"Terminal design for cruise ships, Santo Tomas de Castilla National Port, Barrios Port, Izabal."

Investments the Ports Need

May 2019

To solve the congestion problem affecting Guatemala's port network, it is estimated that at least $133 million needs to be invested to improve the operations of current terminals.

The average standard for port operation is on average 50%, however, currently the country is reaching occupancy limits above 60%, which means that they are reaching congested points that make them less efficient.

Improvements in Puerto Santo Tomás Announced

June 2018

Authorities at the Guatemalan port terminal announced that they have solved the container congestion problem reported weeks ago, and have started working on a reengineering process.

Empresa Portuaria Nacional Santo Tomás de Castilla (Empornac) reported that after implementing a series of actions of a logistical nature, they have managed to solve the problem of container saturation in that area, and their operations remain stable.

Losses Due to Lack of Port Infrastructure

May 2018

Only days after two shipping companies announced the partial suspension of their operations in Puerto Santo Tomás, authorities at the terminal reported that 90% of the Salvadoran cargo has been lost.

The president of Empresa Portuaria Santo Tomas de Castilla (Empornac), Bayron Monterrosa, explained that they have lost almost all of the cargo from El Salvador, which represented 20% of the port terminal's operations.