Public Office Construction Announced

In Costa Rica, it is expected to invest $5 million in the construction of the new building of the Municipality of Santa Cruz, in Guanacaste, which will have an area of 10 thousand square meters.

Monday, October 29, 2018

From the press release of the Institute of Development and Municipal Advisory of Costa Rica:

Friday, October 26th, 2018. The Santa Cruz Municipal Council approved the design carried out by the Technical Services and Financing Unit of the Institute of Development and Municipal Advisory for the construction of its new municipal building. The total cost of the work is around ₡ 3000 million for an estimated area of 10 thousand square meters.

The project consists of four buildings for municipal offices and another one level for offices of the Municipal Council, which will be connected by open-air corridors. In addition to the service platform, the ground floor will house a series of shopping areas, restaurants, cafés, a multi-purpose plaza and meeting spaces for citizens; it also has entertainment areas for children and parking for bicycles.
Marcela Guerrero, executive president of IFAM said that "We want to offer a solution tailored to each municipality and adapted to its environment, in this sense, we take into account that Santa Cruz is one of the districts that receives the most hours of sunshine per year, so we proposed a building that takes advantage of the characteristics of Santa Cruz in aspects such as climate change adaptation, reduction of energy consumption and generation through alternative methods such as solar panels."

The IFAM technical team included other aspects in the design based on the maximum use of light and natural ventilation, a system of reuse of rainwater and sewage for irrigation of gardens and sanitary services.

IFAM architect, Eduardo Picado, said that "The project for the new building of the Municipal Palace and the Santa Cruz Council is based on the local history of Chorotega and its artistic contribution, which evolves and transforms to integrate the past, present and future of this community. Through a sustainable proposal of public, commercial, cultural and administrative spaces for the development of the county."

"After the earthquake we had to hurry to rent 5 or 6 different buildings as a temporary measure, now it is a problem for the coordination, teamwork, work and mainly attention to our public that sometimes has to walk up to 1 km when they are in the wrong office," said Maria Rosa Lopez, mayor of Santa Cruz.

This decision was taken by the Municipality after the National Emergency Commission declared the previous building uninhabitable due to the damage to its infrastructure subsequent the Nicoya earthquake in September 2012. Since then, as a provisional measure, 5 offices have been rented in different buildings in the center of the region in order not to interrupt the functions, causing functional inconveniences.

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