Public Information Access Law in Effect

The Salvadoran President has approved and ordered the publishing of the regulations of the Law on Access to Public Information, which will come into force on 10 September.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A statement by the President of El Salvador reads:

The President, Mauricio Funes, has approved and ordered the publishing of the regulations of the Law on Access to Public Information, which will appear in the Official Gazette on September 2 and will become effective on the 10th of this month.
The Regulation contains 82 articles that develop regulations for the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Information.

The provisions contained in the Regulations are intended to develop and ensure implementation of the rules in that law in order to fulfill its objectives.

The Law on Access to Public Information went into effect on May 8 and aims to guarantee the right of everyone to access the information generated by government institutions, in order to contribute to the transparency of state procedures.

The regulations made by the Executive provide for, among other things, that entities be required to provide access to public information, "there should be a physical space and staff available to address and educate the public on access to information."

It also states that these spaces should have computers with internet access installed so that users can consult the information posted on the site by the corresponding bodies, and to submit electronic applications to which the Act refers

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Sanctions for Withholding Public Information

April 2016

State officials do not own the information they manage, and when that information has not been legally declared as reserved, they must ensure its availability to the public.


And 'availability´means that public institutions must have all the doors to obtain it wide open, both administratively and technically.

El Salvador: Law on Access to Information

March 2011

The new deadline for enforcement of the government transparency law will be one year.

The Legislature partially agreed with some of the observations done by the Executive branch, including recognition that some of the time frames included on the text were insufficient considering the purpose of the law and that a data base containing the information must first be created.

El Salvador: Access to Information Law Urgent

January 2011

The Economic Development Foundation (FUSADES), asked the President to urgently approve the Law on Access to Public Information.

The majority at the Legislature agreed on a historic approval, so Fusades believes this is the time to complete the formation process of the law since the legislative proposal has been discussed for over 2 years.

Guatemalan Congress approves Public Information Access Law

September 2008

The law, which regulates access to information publicly administered information, will come into effect 180 days after it is published.

The regulations guarantee the people the right to request and access government information.
Public information is defined to include: budget reports, deposit of public funds, usufruct concessions and list of works in progress, etc.