Public-Private Partnerships Moving Slowly

Out of a portfolio of seven infrastructure projects estimated at $1.3 billion and which are essential to the economic development of Guatemala, only one is just beginning to see the light.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The project to build the State Administrative Center, estimated at $200 million, is the only one that has started to be implemented since the National Agency for Partnerships for Economic Infrastructure Development (ANADIE) was created in 2013. However, the project, which is just at the stage of pre-qualification of companies, has encountered several obstacles that have delayed the process of making the award and starting the works.

As well as the State Administrative Centre, there is also the project for an urban rail transport system for North-East passengers, the Pacific train, the intermodal logistics port Tecún Uman and a solid waste plant, and the axis of North-South road interconnection. reports that "... The portfolio of projects includes seven ANADIE infrastructure works, with which they aim to attract more than US $1.305 billion in investments. Between 2014 and 2015 four projects should have started with the tender process. To date, only the State Administrative Center is making progress, albeit with delays. "

As justification for the lack of speed in the preparation of tenders for projects, Julio Héctor Estrada, executive director of the ANADIE, said "... the small amount of progress is due to a lack of government support for 'making projects via the ANADIE with open and transparent 'recruitment as well as events of last year which halted the ability to execute the plans. "

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Guatemala: Uncertainty for Public-Private Projects

August 2015

The current political turmoil is threatening the implementation of important infrastructure projects such as the construction of the State Administrative Center, valued at $200 million.

The resignation of several ministers in Perez Molina's cabinet, including Sergio de la Torre, Economy Minister and Commissioner for competitiveness, Juan Carlos Paiz, both members of the board of the National Agency for the Development Partnerships Economic infrastructure (ANADIE) complicates the near future of planned projects to be developed in the form of public - private partnerships.

Guatemala: Public-Private Partnerships Not Taking Root

November 2014

Two investment projects totaling $200 million are mired in the bureaucratic processes required to start up this type of business model for the first time in Guatemala. reports that "The National Agency for Partnerships for Economic Infrastructure Development (ANADIE) plans to put out to tender the construction of Puerto Seco Intermodal Tecum Uman, located in San Marcos, and the Administrative Center of the State, in the capital , before the end of the year, but due to bureaucratic processes it is still not known on what date these contests will be started.

First Public-Private Project in Guatemala Announced

May 2014

Prequalification of investors for the logistics terminal to be built in Tecun Uman, near the border with Mexico will take place in August 2014.

From a press release issued by the National Agency of Partnerships for Economic Infrastructure Development (ANADIE):

The National Agency of Partnerships for Economic Infrastructure Development (ANADIE) has scheduled the tender for the intermodal dry port project Tecum Uman II for September, in order to make the award in January 2015 and see the project up and running by the end of that year.

Railway Projects in Guatemala

November 2013

A public-private partnership to build and operate an urban passenger train and a railway terminal was announced for 2014.

The announcement was made by the director of the National Alliance for the Development of Economic Infrastructure (ANADIE), Julio Héctor Estrada, who added that in the long-term they are looking at extending the route from Tecún to Puerto Quetzal.