Proposal to WTO for Rice Subsidies

The Costa Rican government is preparing an urgent proposal to solve its incompliance with trade regulations.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The proposal must be submitted by the end of September when the World Trade Organization's (WTO) Agriculture Group meets. However, first it needs to be negotiated with domestic rice growers and exporters.

Fernando Ocampo, Foreign Trade vice-minister, told that, "the proposal will take into account four considerations: compliance with WTO rules, consumer protection, support for growers and industry interests".

Óscar Campo, president of the National Association of Producers, reiterated that the sector will not accept direct help, such as production subsidies.

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Rice Subsidy Continues to Exceed Limits

March 2012

The Government of Costa Rica admits that the rice growers will continue to receive support much higher than that allowed by the World Trade Organization.

Costa Rica does not have a defined end date for the high subsidies for rice and reducing them to the level allowed by the WTO, reported

Costa Rica: Call for Tighter Controls on Rice Imports

July 2011

The Costa Rican rice sector is demanding that the government increases the controls for rice entering from Nicaragua.

Doubts about the true origin of rice coming into the country have led Costa Rican rice growers to request a review of rules of origin for imports, suspecting that the grain is entering in a triangular fashion.

Objection to Rice Subsidy in Costa Rica Increases

June 2011

This time it was U.S. representatives who in a bilateral meeting expressed their anger to their Costa Rican counterparts over the excessive subsidy to rice farmers.

In 2010 $109 million was awarded in subsidies to the rice sector, a figure that exceeds by 700% the limit established in the Agreement on Agriculture by WTO.

Costa Rica: New Price for Rice

October 2010

Starting January the 73.6 kg. bag will cost producers ¢ 20,050 ($ 39.3).

Producers had proposed a price of ¢ 21,372 ($ 41.89).

Oscar Campos, president of the National Assembly of Rice Producers, said that in exchange for a reduction in the price, the Government was to implement a program to improve competitiveness until 2020.