Promises and Risks in Mobile Communications

The massive and growing use of mobile devices is hitting businesses hard, generating great opportunity and great risks.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A report from RSA (The Security of Business Innovation Council), once again brings to the forefront the growth of mobile phone use in businesses for both internal management and to communicate with customers and consumers. Each day more and more marketing and sales operations, support, and production management, involves mobile business applications.

The potential benefits of this situation, including cost reduction and increased productivity, are immense, but the potential risks are also very large, including loss of confidential information, computer viruses, breaches of privacy and security, among other things.

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Business Opportunity: Mobile Devices

August 2021

The Instituto Nacional de Atencion Integral a la Primera Infancia (INAIPI) of the Dominican Republic requires the procurement of 5,234 tablets for the metropolitan and northern region.

Dominican Republic Government Purchase INAIPI-CCC-LPN-2021-0019:

"INAIPI requires the procurement of tablets for two regions. Some of the technical specifications of the devices are as follows:

Doing Business With Mobile Phones

June 2016

The commercial potential of mobile devices continues to grow in emerging markets, where 93% of people check their phone in the first hour after waking up.

A global report by Deloitte highlights the growing business potential of mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, both in developed and emerging markets.

The Business of Drones

June 2016

The total value of the use of drone technology in the future in agriculture is estimated at $32 billion and in infrastructure services, the figure is more than $45 billion.

A comprehensive report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers points to the business potential of the drones market and the application of this technology in different productive sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, services, telecommunications, transportation, safety and mining, among others.

Telefonica and Mastercard Offer Mobile Payments

January 2011

The companies formed a joint venture in order to provide financial solutions through mobile phones in Latin America.

Movistar mobile customers in Latin America may use the mobile phone to transfer money to other people, pay bills, purchase airtime and make purchases in shops and stores, among other services.