Progress on the Construction of a 140 MW Solar Plant

The Capella Solar wind power plant, being built by Neoen in El Salvador, is 90% complete and is scheduled to begin operations in April 2020.

Monday, December 23, 2019

From Neoen's statement:
December 23rd, 2019. Neoen, a world leader in renewable energy and long-term investor in El Salvador, closes 2019 by developing the final phase of construction of its second photovoltaic project in the country, called Capella Solar. The percentage of progress exceeds 90%, which means an optimal management of the project, even with the projection that the works will be completed earlier than scheduled. The energy injection tests have begun in time to meet the contractual start of operation, signed for April 1, 2020.
Capella Solar is a project that will inject nearly 4% of the energy of the wholesale market in the country, with two plants, called Albireo I and Albireo 2; together they have a capacity of 140 MW. Its generation will amount to the energy consumed annually by 255 thousand average households.
The Capella Solar project will inject energy at the most competitive price in El Salvador: about 40% less than the price of the cheapest operating contract in the market. The project was awarded with 20-year power purchase agreements - with local distributors AES, Delsur, EDESAL and B&D - at a price of $49.55/MWh.

According to Neoen El Salvador's general manager, Paolo Cartagena, the work now focuses on developing the implementation plan. During the first weeks of December, the foundation has been laid for the execution of test protocols to energize the plant, ensuring that each of the 412,000 photovoltaic modules will generate power. Among these protocols are the testing of protections, voltages and ground connections. In addition, under close cooperation with the Transaction Unit (TU) and the ETESAL transmitter, data communication tests and technical audits have been carried out, in order to specify the process of connecting the plant to the transmission grid.
At the same time, Neoen is working on maintenance and environmental management activities. So far, more than 4,160 typical trees of the area have been planted (jocote, maranon, maquilishuat, chaperno blanco, mahogany and almond tree, among others), in order to strengthen the gestation of the new ecosystem, which includes the development of vegetation control processes, which mitigates the risk of fire and allows the desired rotation of the photovoltaic modules.
In addition to expanding the share of renewable energy in the Salvadoran energy matrix, the construction of Capella Solar means a relevant technological transfer to the country through the installation of the largest energy storage infrastructure in Central America: a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3.3 MW/2.23 MWh, dedicated to reserve services, which will strengthen the stability of the electricity network. The experience of this technology has been capitalized by Neoen on an international scale, where its leadership stands out.

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May 2017

Neoen has started operating the Providencia Solar photovoltaic power plant, located in the department of La Paz, with an installed capacity of 101 MW.

The plant is made up of two subcenters: one of 76MWc, awarded to Neoen after a tender convened in El Salvador in 2014, and another of 25MWc, negotiated by mutual agreement with Del Sur, one of the main electricity distribution companies in the country. Both projects have been uploading electricity to the Salvadoran grid since April 1, 2017.

El Salvador Award of 170 MW of Renewable Energy

January 2017

Of the 169.9 MW awarded, 50 MW corresponds to wind energy at a price of $98.78 / MWh and the rest to photovoltaic solar generation projects, with prices of between $49.55 and $67.24 per MW / h.

From a statement issued by Delsur:

San Salvador, January 11, 2017. The Electricity Distribution company DELSUR, on behalf of other distributors in the country, the National Energy Council (CNE), the Promoter of Exports and Investments of El Salvador (PROESA), and the General Superintendency of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET) revealed today the companies that were awarded contracts after the evaluation stage of the economic proposals which represented the culmination of the process to tender 170 MW (megawatts) of power and associated energy using sources based on wind and photovoltaic generation.

El Salvador: 80 MW Solar Plant Announced

February 2016

The French company Neoen has been awarded the project management and construction of the solar plant to start operations in April 2017, and which is being funded by the IDB.

The French-owned company Neoen won the tender to build and operate a plant for solar power generation, with a capacity of 80 MW, in El Salvador.

El Salvador: Offers In For 100 MW Renewable Energy Tender

June 2014

DELSUR has reported the results of the offers, which ranged from between 6 MW and 60 MW priced between $101.9 and $123.4 per MWh.

From a statement issued by Distribuidora de Electricidad DELSUR:

La Distribuidora de Electricidad DELSUR, together with the Superintendency of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET), and the National Energy Council (CNE) announced this day that the companies UDP Neoen-Almaval, UDP Proyecto La Trinidad and Solar Reserve Development Co. II, LLC were the recommended proponent bidders at the end of the stage of opening of economic offers in the tender process for 100 MW (megawatts) of power and associated energy based on photovoltaic energy sources, this being another process which is transparent to all citizens.