Productive Chains

Productive chains link suppliers and distributors to the value chain of a larger company, transferring technology to them and creating a more sustainable business.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The journalist Tatiana Gutierrez interviewed Leo Schlesinger, designated a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2010, for the newspaper La Nacion. The following is part of the interview:

Whats your initiative all about?
The company has forged ties with carpenters; they are trained in a number of areas relating to management and operations, which makes them more efficient and allows them to sell more and earn more.

This efficiency produces, for the company, 20% savings in expenses, which leads to, at the end the day, a 20% profit for carpenters.

How do you select companies for a productive chain?
The chosen companies should be formal, legal entities; these are given a package of training and technical and technological skills. Then you open a program group and provide individual training of about 29 hours in total, which improves the operation and teaches how to make it more profitable.

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How do wholesalers use location analytics to understand the performance of their distributors?

November 2021

Foot traffic and location analytics help wholesale distributors maximize profits, allowing them to reveal where operational inefficiencies are and then implement solutions in problem areas.

With advanced location intelligence analytics, point-of-interest characterization and supply chain-centric foot traffic analytics, distributors can now truly understand their channels on a line-by-line basis, which can lead to better decisions and ultimately higher profits.

Increased Export Links

January 2013

In the last five years sales generated by productive links grew by 120%.

An article in reports that while domestic firms still "resent obstacles of access to financing and have to specialize in new niches and technical skills demanded by multinational companies", there is more and more business going on between these two groups, enhancing and adding local value to exports.

The Alba Alimentos Project in El Salvador

November 2012

Salvadoran agrifood businesses have expressed their concern that the announced investments are part of a political project.

An article in that "Alba Foods, another productive programs, along with Alba Petróleos- tied to the political strategy of the FMLN, has invested $30 million this year and among the basic grain harvest 2012 and 2013, expects to complete $60 million to expand its geographical presence.

Guatemala Hosts Productive Chain Business Roundtables

June 2012

With the participation of 96 companies a total of 500 business meetings were held in the first edition of the ‘Macrorueda Nacional de la Cadena Productiva’ (National Production Chain Macro Buisness Rounds).

Organized by the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport), the event aimed to bring together in one platform all the participants in the production chain of goods and services.