Problems in Transition to Digital TV

Costa Rica has initiated meetings to address the change to digital television looking to the Spanish company Ingenia-Telecom as neutral mediator between the government and operators.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

In a forum held by the National Chamber of Radio and Television, companies operating open channels emphasized the lack of a public policy to order the transition to digital television. reports that "... The Spanish company Ingenia-Telecom proposes a progressive change in which there is a plan for the switch over to digital TV and consensus reached between the operators. "

Jaime López network specialist Ingenia Telecom-added "... If users receive the same content, it is no use adapting to a new standard and new technology. The most important thing is to provide new local and regional channels, which reflect customs and traditions. "

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Honduras Prepares its Transition to Digital TV

January 2020

As of April 27, 2020, the analog television signal will cease to operate in the country, which is why the channels must broadcast their content in digital format.

Representatives of the National Telecoms Commission (Conatel) urged the television channels that transmit their signal in the country to make their technical adjustments and test digital transmission before the announced date.

Tender for TV and Radio Broadcasting Rights

August 2019

In Guatemala, the rights for the transmission and reproduction of sports events of the national teams of the National Football Federation, in all its categories and modalities, are tendered.

According to the rules of the contest, the rights that comprise the transmissions by open television, cable television, and radio, produced and transmitted within the national territory.

Costa Rica: Digital Television Experimental Phase Starts

September 2015

With the 11 licenses granted by the State concessionaires who currently broadcast in analog and interested parties begins the testing phase prior to the planned transition in 2017.

From a statement issued by the Presidency of Costa Rica:

San Jose, Tuesday September 29, 2015.

Broadcasters Seek Financing for Transition to Digital Services

September 2014

Small television broadcasters in Costa Rica are planning to join forces and obtain international financing to acquire the necessary funds to adapt to digital technologies.

Companies operating regional television channels in the country, which have more limited budgets and reduced ability to access financing, are contacting their peers in order to join forces and improve conditions for international loans and buy the equipment to make the transition from analog to digital signals.