Private Insurers Sell More Personal Policies

Two new companies sold 17% of this sector of the Costa Rican market.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Panamerican Life and Seguros de Alico are the main rivals of the National Insurance Institute (INS), with a share of 14% of the personal insurance policies sold in the Costa Rican market, while other private companies control 4%.

The INS still retains 83% of the market, reported The percentages become more important when it is taken into account that Panamerican Life is in the process of buying Alico, now a subsidiary of MetLife, following an agreement signed in November last year.

Last April, the total premiums for persons insurance (life, accident and health) increased by 26% in a year.

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Private Insurance Companies have 10% Market Share

December 2012

In Costa Rica, 4 years after the opening up of the sector, the 10 private insurance companies have a 9.8% market share.

The undisputed leader remains the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS), with a 90.2% market share and among the private companies the strongest are Mapfre and Assa with a 9.6% share between them.

lnsurance Market After Privatization

February 2012

In Costa Rica private insurers have come into the market, primarily selling life and car insurance, with customers seeing lower rates.

Although the National Institute of Insurance (INS) remains the undisputed market leader, private insurers are gradually gaining ground, particularly in the areas of auto and life policies.

Costa Rica’s Insurance Market

October 2011

In the newly privatised insurance market, companies are competing with the National Insurance Institute (INS in Spanish) to increase their portfolios.

Last June, according to the premium income figures, registered insurance lines and assets, INS was first, followed by Assa and Alico with its life and health insurance lines.

State Insurance Domination Starts to Crumble

July 2011

Three years after removal of the monopoly in Costa Rica, sales by private insurers are growing, although the state insurer, INS, still maintains more than 90% of market share.

Although the National Insurance Institute (INS) still retains most of the market, private insurers have gradually increased their presence.