Private Insurance in Costa Rica Not Taking Off

Three years since the privatisation of the insurance sector, the state agency (INS) remains the main entity in the market.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The market dominance of the National Insurance Institute (INS), with 94% of total premium income, is, in the opinion of the Association of Private Insurance (AAP), a result of the supervision exercised by the Superintendency of Insurance (Sugese).

"'The interpretation we gave to the legislation was that the product was registered and could be sold.The reality is not like that, that's where we have a very big backlog," said Kevin Lucas, manager of the insurer Adisa.

This position is contradicted by Javier Cascante, Superintendent of Insurance, who noted that the consolidation of industry policies may take many years, as it relates to technical products, about which Costa Ricans have little knowledge", reported

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Another Insurer in Costa Rica

July 2012

Oceánica de Seguros, founded on Venezuelan capital, is the tenth insurance company to be incorporated into the Costa Rican market after its de-monopolization in 2008.

The superintendent of insurance, Javier Cascante, said the company, which is the eleventh to join the insurance market after its opening, will have a joint operating license, for personal and general policies.

Limitations of Insurance Privatisation in Costa Rica

May 2012

The total exclusivity requirement imposed by the National Institute of Insurance on agencies who sell their insurance, is an anticompetitive mechanism that is making it difficult for the market to open up.

In his blog " Mercado Seguro " in, attorney and insurance specialist Said Breedy analyzes the criteria issued by the Commission to Promote Competition (COPROCOM) on the exclusivity clause in agency contracts with the National Institute Insurance (INS) in place since 2007.

Costa Rica’s Insurance Market

October 2011

In the newly privatised insurance market, companies are competing with the National Insurance Institute (INS in Spanish) to increase their portfolios.

Last June, according to the premium income figures, registered insurance lines and assets, INS was first, followed by Assa and Alico with its life and health insurance lines.

New Association of Insurance Companies in Costa Rica

February 2010

It groups all the insurance companies authorized to operate in the country.

Called ACAR (Costa Rican Association of Insurers and Reinsurers), it is chaired by Guillermo Constenla, head of INS, the National Insurance Institute.

“Constenla explained that the association has been created to assist the Insurance Superintendence in generating a more fluid insurance market”, reported El Economista.