Prepared food: $4 million Tender

The Ministry of Education of Panama tenders the supply of 1.5 million lunches served in disposable containers for 20 schools involved in the Extended School Day for All Program.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Purchase of the Government of Panama 2018-0-07-0-99-LP-034928:

"The contract includes all stages ranging from the purchase of raw materials, cooking and preparation of food, transportation, distribution and delivery at each school, complying at each stage with the basic principles of Good Manufacturing Practices: proper food handling, principles of sanitizing and risk control of contamination of the food produced."

The number rations will be according to the number of participants in the Extended School Day for All Program and will be provided upon request, in other words, according to the demand of students and teachers from each participating school.

The contracted company will be under the obligation to provide the service on a continuous basis; it will agree with the school on holidays so that food has not been delivered on those days."

Reference value: 4,296,026.

Deadline for receipt of tenders: November 16th, 2018.

See tender.

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