Precision Medicine - Chronic Disease Assessment

RRHealth and Redbridge Announce Strategic Partnership to Launch Integrated Solution to Support Wellness Initiative Focused on Early Detection of Specific Chronic Diseases.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Form the press release by RR Health:

Napa, California (November 18, 2017) – RRHealth announces their partnership with Redbridge to commercialize its Precision Medicine CDA (Chronic Disease Assessment) Solution in a strategic move that enables primary care doctors to accurately assess chronic disease risks that affect their patients. With this healthcare solution in place, Redbridge is now positioned to offer complete wellness solutions to their customers. “Our solution will give healthcare providers in the network a tool to assess up to 41 chronic diseases and understand the composition of the risk,” said Verny Moya, Vice President, Strategic Sales at Redbridge. “This will enable the physician and the patient to focus better on those higher risks.”

Added Moya: “People will gain incredible and precise insight into their health while healthcare providers will be able to spend their resources where needed. Partnering with RRHealth’ s incredible and innovative solution will enable us to disrupt the Health field; it’s truly a win-win strategy.” As there are an increasing number of worldwide discussions around changing the approach to how medicine is practiced, many solution providers and healthcare professionals are shifting focus from treating the illness to treating the symptoms that causes them.

“Detecting these symptoms before they become chronic is the key of our solution, and we now have a great tool to arm the general practice doctors to take early action. We put a ton of knowledge at their fingertips as we bring worldwide scientific findings that will help to create a comprehensive Chronic Disease Assessment (CDA) report,” said Louis Piedra, CEO of RRHealth. “This is an exciting time for healthcare as we recognize that people are looking for a better quality of life, and the technology is starting to achieve precisely that.”

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